Saturday, May 8, 2010

Karen/Pelican Cafe/ Lake Park, FL

Darling blog readers! I've been a little busy with school and work and all those things that take up my time. But even in the midst of final paper writing and traveling, I've managed to collect a few cute waiters for your entertainment. After a long (at least long in internetspeak) hiatus, we are so proud to bring you another installment of cute waiters!

Our featured cutie-pie is Karen from the Pelican Cafe in Lake Park, Florida. For those Palm Beach County natives, you might remember the location as Cafe du Parc, which closed in 2006. Well, the new owners have breathed new life into this old establishment and have provided the area with a much-needed place for...yumminess! Karen, is just one aspect of the fabulous restaurant, and the seaside decor is classy, yet fun. But, as always, you don't have to take our word for it; see for yourself!

Yes folks, the Pelican Cafe is a sweet place with sweet waitresses like Karen. We went for breakfast and were treated to a wonderful time. To make the deal even more sacchariferous, the lovely waitresses bring you fresh-made doughnuts once you've ordered your breakfast! Take a look at these sugary, cinnamony treats!

The doughnuts above are the ones that we ravenously consumed at our table. But when you walk in the door, no one can miss this tempting display:

Are you drooling yet?

Mom got these blueberry pancakes with crispy bacon, (she ordered it crispy--she likes it that way). As described by mom, these pancakes were "perfect!" Even though I'm not a pancake fan, I have to agree that these particular pancakes looked delightful. I say looked because not a bite was left for me to try! Go mom!

Dad (yes, dad's in on the action this time), had the three egg omelet with mushrooms and sausage. Again, I didn't get to try this omelet, which he described as "the best he's ever had!" because there was simply none left. You'll have to go and check it out for yourself!

Speaking leaving nothing behind, did I mention the huevos rancheros that I ordered? Unfortunately, I couldn't take a picture because even though my blogging skills are finely attuned to my audience's needs, my stomach did not cooperate. I am a big fan of huevos rancheros, and these are second to none! You can order them with or without chorizo (what do you think I did, dear readers--ahem!), and they are covered in two kinds of cheeses. Can you say HEAVEN? I certainly can. To spice up the plate, one of the many cute bus-boys came along and offered a vast array of hot sauces (too bad this isn't a cute bus-boy blog)! I was impressed with the selection to say the least.

If you are ever in the Palm Beach County area, we would highly recommend giving the
Pelican Cafe a try. We doubt you'll be disappointed, and although we've only tried breakfast, the Pelican Cafe serves up lunch and dinner as well. I can't imagine that this restaurant could be anything less than fantastic!

Love and yum!


  1. i too absolutely love this jem of a place, karen is a doll as is the entire staff..everyone makes your dining experience a pleasure, the food - in a word,SENSATIONAL!!! i can't wait to go back..

  2. I am with maggie z. This will surely become one of my favorite weekend places. One of these days, we are going to go for dinner but we are afraid that we will love it a lot, eat too much and drink too much wine and have to wind our way back out West. Need to check in to taxi travel.