Saturday, May 8, 2010

Austin/Brianna/P.F. Chang's/ Denver, CO

Recently, I took a trip to Denver, Colorado to attend the American Education Research Association's annual conference. While there I learned a lot about what's hot in the research community, but also got a chance to try some of the local cuisine. Now, this restaurant is not local, by any means. Indeed, PF Chang's is a standard of many cities across the country. However, some unique characteristics made this PF Chang's worth citing.

For instance, the place was swarmed with cute waiters! Honestly, if you're looking for cute waiters, this is the place to go! We saw so many that we had to choose two just to be fair. Though in truth, we could have taken pictures of any of the waitstaff because they were just. that. cute! Take a look at our two picks:
This first one is Austin. He caught our attention because of his rugged, Colorado man appeal. Austin really looks like he belongs in a place like Denver, which is all at once rustic and modern. Besides, who can resist a tall blondie? :-)

But if Austin isn't your type, fear not! Brianna was our actual waitress and was...dare I say...HOT! I know, this blog is for cute waiters, but when someone is hot that deserves attention. What do you think of Brianna? (We think she's hot, in case you didn't get that)

Come on! Admit it! She's a hottie.

So you're probably wondering why we decided that a chain like PF Chang's deserved to make it on the blog. The cute waiters are one thing, but the food is another! My traveling companion has coeliac disease, which makes it difficult to eat out. But! PF Chang's has an entire gluten free menu for her ( and other gluten free peoples) to choose from. For their consideration and love of all things gluten free, we just had to include PF Chang's in the old blog.

If you are in need of a cute waiter fix, or have dietary restrictions that limit your gluten intake, consider PF Chang's as your restaurant of choice. You'll be glad you did!

Love and yum,

PS- Special thanks to Jess Clawson (my traveling companion) for taking the photos!

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