Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jerry/ Dune Deck Cafe/ West Palm Beach, Florida

Hello lovely readers. 

When I woke up today I felt an aching desire to go to the beach.  This isn't so surprising considering I am a born and raised (South) Floridian!  I knew I couldn't go to the beach so I put on some lotion called "beach" (really original) and hoped it would work its magic.  I believed the scent alone would transport me from my ice cold office to a hot, sandy shoreline.  My computer screen would transform into a juicy novel, and my hot coffee to a fruity, refreshing drink. Well, the lotion didn't do much other than make me smell nice, frozen and tinkering away at on a tedious project. 

Maybe I couldn't make it to the beach today but when left with few options I always turn to my imagination and memories.  It is in the spirit of my earnest desire to escape to the beach that I present this post.  When I am home in West Palm Beach and have very little to do, mom and I love to go to the Dune Deck Cafe to enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch

Mom, because she believes in the "complex theory of rubbing it in" sent me pictures and, of course, a cute waiter from her last visit to the Dune Deck Cafe (I was probably working ;-)). 

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Jerry, our shy, yet affable waiter!  Not only is Jerry a real cutie and a great waiter, he is also a kiteboarding instructor.  Don't feel bad if you've never heard of kiteboarding, I hadn't either.  But now that I know, kiteboarding sounds riveting! Take a look at this cute, instructor/waiter, Jerry:

I don't know about all of you, but I wouldn't shy away from a kiteboarding lesson from Jerry. 

Jerry is definitely a cutie, but there are many reasons to visit the Dune Deck Cafe.  The food is just fantastic and you will not leave hungry.  For breakfast, I usually have the eggs benedict (pictured below) and they are always delectable.  You can even have the evil hollandaise sauce on the side, if you're into that sort of thing.

If you are a pancake lover, fear not!  The Dune Deck Cafe has big, fluffly, yum-tastic pancakes (pictured below).  Oh the joys of breakfast!

If you happen to visit during lunchtime, I recommend the Greek salad.  Even if the Greek economy is sinking faster than the ancient city of Venice, this salad will make your tummy soar!  If you're a fish lover, get it with some fish on top--you won't be disappointed.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to go to the Dune Deck Cafe has nothing to do with waiters or food at all.  On top of the already thrilling prospect of waiters like Jerry and large portions of ridiculously yummy food, the Dune Deck Cafe is located right on the beach!  So after (or before) your meal you can stroll along this boardwalk:

Or you could simply admire the view:

Either way, you can't really go wrong at the Dune Deck Cafe.  Sometimes the wait is a little long, but it is worth it! And you couldn't ask for a more beautiful place to linger a little longer. 

So, tomorrow I might still have to drag myself into the frozen tundra of my office, but thoughts of the Dune Deck Cafe, Jerry, and the beautiful South Florida beachfront will surely keep me warm!

Love and yum,
Amy and Sharon

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