Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dennis/ Rhythm Cafe / West Palm Beach, FL

Another favorite in the Palm Beach County area is a local joint located in a renovated and converted 1950s drugstore that was called Ranch's. It is now the home of Rhythm Cafe, a quirky and fun restaurant in the heart of the antiques district of West Palm Beach, Florida. You wouldn't know just by driving by the treasures that this campy restaurant holds. For instance, if you check out their website, you can see some of the prom pictures that adorn the walls donated by customers who used to frequent Ranch's Drugstore while sitting at the original counter.

Among the novel decor of this fun-loving restaurant is one of our favorite waiters ever, Dennis. Okay, maybe he isn't the waiter, he might be the host--let's not get bound by labels. Check him out, how could we resist?

The food at Rhythm is, as you might imagine, out of this world! We go to Rhythm Cafe regularly (when mom calls they know her voice--I'm not kidding), but the night we've featured is from dad's 60th birthday (look, I'm ratting everyone out)! The kind folks at Rhythm Cafe accommodated our 24 person group without a hitch and provided delightful service and food (and wine--duh).

The following dish is the hog snapper (they only feature fresh and local fishes, so this was on the menu that night) prepared with an artichoke sauce. Let's all say it together--YUM! An often overlooked item on a dinner plate, carrots, should not be strewn aside at Rhythm Cafe because they are, as mom says "to die for!" Why don't you go and find out for yourself?

Now, what birthday, (or meal), would be complete without a sweet treat to finish it off? Well the desserts at Rhythm Cafe are so good that you might think you're living in a dream world. Dennis, the "waiter" featured above, actually makes the chocolate cake himself and...expanded its size for our sweet-toothed party! I promise you've never had a cake quite like this. Feast your eyes on this, dear readers.

Rhythm Cafe has so much to offer that we could probably write an entire blog just about it. The waiters all make something on the menu (for instance, Blaine occasionally makes the sweet and spicy jalapeno brownies--only if you're good). All the desserts are made in-house, including the ice cream. This place is pretty much a foodies heaven. They are also very LGBTQ friendly, which we think is just swell.

It's small, so if you go in season be sure to make a reservation because it WILL be packed--probably with my family members.

Love and yum,
Amy and Sharon

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