Sunday, May 9, 2010

Aaron/ Andres/ Marcello/ La Sirena/ West Palm Beach, FL

Dearest readers. I must confess that this posting might be the nearest and dearest to my heart yet. You see, in this post I will share with you one of the most phenomenal restaurants (and waiters) in the entire world. Please, don't think that I am exaggerating. In fact, truth be told I hesitate to post this one at all because if mom has anything to do with it (or me for that matter) one of these cute waiters will one day be in our family...married to me! That's right, I'm unveiling my very own cute waiter crush. Let the blushing begin.

First, allow me to tell you about the restaurant itself: Marcello's La Sirena. If you are looking for an exquisite Italian dining experience that bears absolutely no resemblance to the Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill (i.e. fake, I mean, "Amerian" Italian food) then look no further than Marcello's. You will not find anything quite like this place anywhere else--except maybe in Italy. The owner and chef, Marcello (photographed below), makes his own mozzarella and there is an amazing wine cellar (in the attic of all places) where he keeps the wine perfectly temperature controlled. You can even have special dinners for up to eight people if you make a reservation well in advance.

Here's a picture of the man himself, Marcello! A handsome fellow, indeed.

Speaking of handsome fellows, let's move onto the cute waiters. I know my audience! Before we get to my crush, I want to introduce you to this fine gentleman, Aaron.

Just try to tell me that Aaron isn't just the sweetest wine peddler you've ever seen! I doubt there are any objections to his cuteness. What you couldn't know unless you met him is his sweetness. Aaron is adorable and he's an incredibly competent waiter to boot. He knows all about wine, and that makes him all right with me. Mom has a particular affinity toward Aaron. It might be because he is usually responsible for scenes like this one:

That's Aaron's hand pouring some effervescent prosecco, an Italian greeting wine. (Here's a tip: NEVER buy expensive champagne again. Go for some prosecco and you and your guests--and your wallet--will be quite pleased!)

Aaron is, indeed fantastic. I, however, have my eye on another waiter, Andres. Sigh. What can I say about Andres? Not much! I'm speechless. Andres, if you are reading this, just remember that I am single! Take a look ladies and gentlemen, and see what you think of my future husband-- I mean this cute waiter...

Now if the throng of good looking men isn't enough to entice you into visiting Marcello's then perhaps the food will bring you in. It is true that some of my favorite men work there, but the real draw is the fine Italian cuisine that Marcello cooks up each night. This is a dining experience you will not forget. To start, you might try the Bruschetta Sirena with fresh tomatoes, basil, oregano and extra virgin olive oil atop a crusty grilled bread. I've had a lot of bruschetta in my lifetime, but none so simply delicious as this one.

If you are a fish lover then you should try the Salmon Livornese. I don't know how to describe this one other than to call it (and this is a technical term) yummy-licious. This fish literally melts in your mouth. Honestly, when I make salmon at home it always turns up a little--dry. Not this one! Check out the menu for a better (and more technically accurate) description. For now, take a look at this divine fish dish.

Do you love pasta? Do you like porcini mushrooms? Have you ever even had a white truffle or truffle oil? Well, sometimes, on special occasions, you can have all three in one course. As you look at this next photo, close your eyes and imagine how indulgent it would be to dine on this feast.

For those of you more interested in heavier fare--meat--you are in luck as well! This filet melts in your mouth. Now that's a sensational savory!

Along with cute waiters and fantastic food, Marcello's also boasts an incredible wine list. Here are a couple of real gems that we imbibed on one particularly extravagant evening.

If you haven't already gathered this, Marcello's is a special place and it comes at a special price. (Oh--and did I mention that it is closed during the summer? Don't worry, they re-open in early September) But I guarantee that a dining experience at Marcello's is worth every penny! So if you're looking for a bit of luxury, and a lot of fun, go to Marcello's the next time you're in West Palm Beach. But don't try to steal Andres--he's mine. :-)

Love and yum,
Amy and Sharon


  1. I'll take Aaron, even though his flag pin is at a decidedly unpatriotic angle. Still... Marcelos is a dreamboat.

  2. If you LOVE Marcello's LaSirena the way we do..join us on this group and we arrange dinner together !!!