Saturday, May 8, 2010

John/ Centanni/ Royal Palm Beach, FL

This restaurant is one of my parents and my favorite places to eat. When we walk in the door we are greeted by name, and with ample amounts of sumptuous, fresh-baked Italian bread with olive oil and garlic. Yum. Another great feature of Centanni's is the waitstaff. I must say that if you're looking for a place with really, really, really cute and friendly waiters you should visit Centanni's. This waiter is John. Though his name is ordinary, this fellow is not. John is adorable and a fantastic waiter who couldn't wait to be featured on the blog. We hope you like him as much as we do!

Ladies and gentlemen, I don't think that you can deny the cutie-cuteness of John. But don't visit Centanni's just for the waiters, come for the food as well! While we all have our regular, standby meals, Centanni's has a marvelous menu filled with delectable Italian dishes. The dish featured below was a special of the night--lamb (it doesn't get much more special than lamb, folks).

The lamb chops were grilled to perfection and served on a bed of fresh, seasonal vegetables. What you don't see is the sinful side order of pasta, which comes with most meals. You definitely won't go hungry at Centanni's because if that wasn't enough to sate your appetite, the meal comes with a soup or salad ( I suggest the pasta fagioli--I have dreams about this soup and awake in...drool).

Because Centanni's has no website, we've provided the contact information below. Be sure to visit Centanni's if you are ever in the West Palm Beach, Florida area.

Phone: 561.792.7677

Address: 10107 Southern Blvd
Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411

Love and yum,

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