Sunday, March 21, 2010

Otis/ The Top/ Gainesville, FL

Our next waiter comes from one of my favorite restaurant/bars in Gainesville: The Top. This place boasts eclectic decor, an array of vegetarian and meaty dishes, a great bar, and, of course, cute waiters!

My last visit to The Top was on a Tuesday night after the mayoral election in Gainesville and the entire Democratic Party was there to, well, party! (We're in a runoff by the way) I was there with a lovely group of ladies from my doctoral program and we had a blast. Our cute waiter Otis helped out with that for sure. Otis is the kind of cutie who has that rugged, bearded, awesome look. I personally want to go camping with him and jam out with a guitar next to a blazing fire. What would you do with Otis?

As I mentioned, the ladies and I went to The Top on a Tuesday, which is a special day. Each Tuesday, The Top serves up its usual yummy-licious fare, alongside the specials: TACOS! These are no regular tacos, however. Mine were made with sushi-grade tuna and the ones featured below were fried grouper tacos. Not your typical taco.

This is a great place to go for a drink after work, dinner, late night fun, or even Sunday brunch. If you are in Gainesville you would be remiss if you didn't take a moment to stop by this local favorite.

Love and yum,


  1. Oh to be young again. An Otis would have fit very well into my young life. The Top sounds like lots of fun and it is great that you gals got out on the town.

  2. Too bad he's a deadbeat dad...

  3. What a great blog! The Top is for sure one of my favorite places in Gainesville.